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Created by Wendell & Cherie Rickard, Silver Lining CBD & Wellness was born from the passion to make high quality CBD and Wellness Products accessible to everyone.
In 2007, Cherie suffered the loss of her 17 years old son in an automobile accident and was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. She used food as a way to cope from emotional pain which in turn resulted into chronic back pain from nerve damage and inflammation. Wendell, a former professional athlete and certified fitness trainer had developed joint pains and suffered from a heart condition known as Atrial Fibrillation.
Cherie and Wendell searched high and low for the best way to improve their health and find relief from aches and pains, but were at a loss. Created from a need, high-quality CBD and Wellness products, they set out to start a brand that is committed to helping its customers find the right products to help them on a daily, weekly, monthly (and beyond) basis.
SILVER LINING was created and named after their positive mind set and purpose driven lives to always remember regardless of your adversities and obstacles there is always a silver lining, something to give God gratitude for even in the midst of your struggles.
Inspired by their results and health restoration they have set out to give to others what has empowered and enabled them to live a more powerful and productive lifestyle.
Silver Lining has a range of CBD products to accommodate each individual lifestyle. Whether you prefer CBD oil, sleep aide capsules, or topicals, Silver Lining offers a form of attainable relief for everyone. 

Wendell Rickard is a USSSA Hall of Famer, certified fitness trainer, former professional athlete and Adidas sponsored pro staff member.

Cherie Rickard is a Medical Professional, RN, Business Leader, Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist, Author & Host of Real Girl Talk Podcast Radio Show

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